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Detroit, MI – Facts and Recommendations

The city of Detroit, MIProbably it does not come as a huge surprise, that being from Detroit in Michigan, we have always been a huge fan of cars. The is partially the reason why our profession became being a mobile mechanic and providing these services to the people living in this city. Detroit has been always very close to our hearts, so now we have decided to share a few information about the city to make sure that people who are not yet familiar with Detroit can get to know it better. We have listed our favorite places in the city to make it easier for you to discover it in case you decidet o visit us in Michigan. We take great pride in working as a mobile mechanic in Detroit, because we have received so much gift from people living here, that we really enjoy giving something back to the community. We hope that if you have not yet been here, you will decide to give the city a chance and visit it with your friends and family. In case you have other nice recommendations about Detroit, feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to include those in the lists below to help people get along in the city.

Interesting Facts About the City of Detroit, MI:

The estimated population of the city is close to 640,000, making it the largest city on the USA-Canada border.

The Detroit metro area is one of the largest ones in the country, with the total population of almost 4.3 million.

The city has a very strong automotive industry history and background, being home of the Big Three.

Detroit is the seat of Wayne County in Michigan.

The city is the home of some of the most succcessful sports teams: the Detroit Pistons, the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Red Wings.

Detroit is an important tourist destination, with an annual visitor number of 19 million.

Some of the neighborhoods of Detroit:

Our favorite restaurants in Detroit:

Texas de Brazil

Popular sights in Detroit, MI:

Campus Martius Park
Guardian Building
Hart Plaza

We are always suprised about how quick people visiting here fall in love with Detroit. Each year many of our friends and family members from other states are visiting us and they never fail to mention just how exciting they find Detroit. Many of them really like the fact that Lake Erie and Lake St Clair give perfect opportunities to enjoy the nature as part of a long beach walk, but some other people find it exciting to visit the museums of the city. We have realized that no matter what type of interest one has, Detroit has so much to offer. This city is  home of alot of very good restaurants and parks, while also offering other amusement opportunities. This might be the reason that no matter what age you are or if you are coming with your friends, family or alone, Detroit will provide you with excellent options to have a great time in Michigan. 

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