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About us – Rhino Mobile Mechanics of Detroit

about us - detroitA number of our customers state that we are the best mobile mechanics in the Detroit region, and they know that in case they need assistance with their vehicle, they already have a reliable firm to contact — us! Our clients typically don’t like to take their vehicles into a vehicle mechanic and leave it for days (in some cases even weeks!) , so they appreciate that we are willing to provide our maintenance and repair solutions pretty much anyplace, to make it as convenient for our clients as possible.

If you need a scheduled maintenance review, pre-purchase review or an ad hoc fix job, you could always count on our trusted crew at Rhino Mobile Mechanics of Detroit. We are there for you with many decades of mechanic expertise, transparency, reasonable prices, and a flexible schedule to suit your daily life.

There are plenty of auto repair shops in Detroit, but none stand out quite like us, at Rhino Mobile Mechanics of Detroit. Our mechanics always put our clients first and make sure that we are there for them when they call us. You can be confident that we give you 100% transparency during the repair job so you can make the best possible decision regarding your vehicle while additionally use the benefit of our comprehensive experience. Just save our phone number in case you want an urgent fix or would like to find a quote for all type of repair or maintenance jobs.

We cover most models and makes while also having expertise in many kinds of repair jobs, so that if you find any kind of issue with your automobile, we are the organization you ought to get in touch with. Nothing really is better than the convenience of having your automobile repaired in your own home, without needing to drive it somewhere else. Not to mention that in most cases, our rates are lower compared to physical vehicle repair shops.

Obviously, we are aware that in many cases, it is not a nice scenario if you will need an auto repair service, but our main goal is to make it as painfree to you as possible. We have multiple years of expertise in these jobs, and that means our customers can be certain that once you reach out to us, we’ll be knowledgeable about your situation and will act so with true proffesionalism and compassion. If you’d like the best possible car fix for your car, you should reach out to us.

Do not worry should you not entirely know what’s malfunctioning with your vehicle: we are there to assist. We begin with a comprehensive review of your vehicle to ascertain what the root cause is and will fix it in the shortest period possible. If you think your car is currently not operating at 100%, then this is the time to give us a call so our mechanics can have a look. Just remember it is definitely preferable to catch such auto malfunctions at the earliest time to avoid more significant repair costs.

You can be sure our company will be your reliable partner in caring for your vehicle and extending its lifespan.


We are happy to provide you with an online quote on any mobile mechanic service you need. Just fill out the details and if you like the price, we can arrange the appointment straight away!

Mobile Mechanics in Detroit, MI

Call Now: (313) 513-0820